Brian Hill Stonemasonry provides repair, restoration and preservation service to historical buildings, private homes, commercial properties and schools across Bristol in the South West of England, as well as on larger projects across the UK.

All the materials are both in keeping and complementary to the original stonework. Contemporary stonemasonry techniques are used to create a finish which is both sympathetic to the existing masonry yet durable to stand up to the weathers elements over time.


Stone Cleaning and Paint Removal

We can provide a superior Jos and Doff stone cleaning service to buildings both large and small. We can take a sympathetic approach to restore tired looking stone masonry to its former glory. Experience in this area is vital and it is important that the consultation is carried out and the different options are considered to ascertain the most suitable method of cleaning, how waste water will be contained, as well as the chemicals and tools that will be used. We need to ensure the safety of both individuals and the environment, whilst minimising disruption for all involved. The options need to be mapped out and agreed before work commences.

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Walling and Repointing

A stone wall is both adds a unique look and a defence to your property or garden. It should be around for decades. There are 3 key areas to consider within the stone walling process firstly it involves a consideration of the environmental characteristics when planning the design, secondly the materials and finally the methods.

With all our stone masonry services we provide a consultative approach and need to understand your requirement to understand the best processes, materials, timescales and budgets.

Walling and Repointing