Brian Hill, Stonemason creates hand carved, bespoke natural stone fireplaces using natural British limestone such as local Bath or Portland stone. Take a look at some of the made-to-measure designs that suit all property styles from modern to traditional.

We are more than happy to re-create stone fireplaces from your sketches and will guide you in terms of the dimensions and designs that will fit the size of your room.

Paul Barden

Chimney Stacks

Chimney stacks get exposed to the full force of the weather and can become unstable, undermining structure stability and can lead to eventual collapse. To withstand such conditions, maintenance or repairs need to be of the highest standard and it is important that design elements are properly conserved and restored.

Gate Caps

Pier or gate caps provide the finishing touches to a gate post, pillar or pier and are ideal for a stone or brick gate pier.

Brian Hill Stonemason can also custom carve stone pier caps to individual specifications, sizes and profiles for private homes and commercial properties.



Balustrades are certainly an exclamation of style and luxury that can be updated or included in the grounds of a commercial or private property.

Brian Hill Stonemason will recommend the best designs whether that is an off the shelf option or bespoke design for your project.

Gateposts / Piers

Gateposts, pillar known as piers can provide a notable entrance to your property whether the design is an elaborate traditional design or a more subtle contemporary finish creating sleek lines. On a more practical note the design and materials need to take on the elements of nature.

This knowledge and guidance is shared in the initial free site visit and consultation.


House Signs

Stylish house signs and plaques make for a perfect welcome to any home or business.

Brian Hill uses Bath and Portland stone to create a welcome that has an impact as always incorporating the personality or brief from the client.

Coping Stones

Coping stones are specifically designed to prevent the ingress of water into the structure of cavity walls, whilst at the same time providing a strong aesthetic appeal.

Using both Portland and Bath stone Brian Hill provides both form and function to walls and roof tops, helping secure structures.

Coping Stones
Window Sills, Doors and Surrounds_service

Window Sills, Doors and Surrounds

A dramatic individual touch to any property, is a bespoke door or window sill or surround as it will add a mark of distinction and additional character to a residential or commercial property.

Bath and Portland stone is a quality natural stone whose final finish creates a luxurious feel to both traditional and contemporary property.