Services we offer

There is a constant ingenuity in the art of stonemasonry, using the tools of the trade and adapting techniques and designs to rejuvenate the old and create the new. It is often about maintaining and appreciating the work of great historical architects as well as advising and collaborating with new interior designers and architects of our time, helping to creating a legacy for the future. I specialise in the use of Bath and Portland stone, using age old processes with modern tools.

I have a passion for my trade and I hope that this portfolio provides you with a good idea of the projects that I have worked on and perhaps give you new ideas for the future.

I have cherry picked a few good examples of the type of projects I have worked on so you can also imagine how they can also be applied to new commissions. Please call me to discuss your project 07971 846625 and I shall advise you of the next steps.